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In Bloom



Lauren Conrad appeared on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, May 1, to talk about her latest LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls collection.

She shows off a few of the looks from the new collection, and answers questions from fans about Spring style.

One fan asks “When is floral too much floral?”, to which Lauren answers “I love floral, so for me it’s never too much floral! But I think you need to balance it, I don’t mind print-mixing with two florals, I think you just have to do one very, very tiny.”

“You definitely have to balance it out with scale,” she continues.

The next question for Lauren was, “What is the must-have style accessory for the Spring and Summer?”

She responds, “For me it’s always sunglasses,” and then shows off one of her favorite dresses from the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls collection, a teal lace dress.  “There’s a lot of this lace in the collection,” Lauren shares.

look 2

The next outfit Lauren features is a printed navy sleeveless shirt, tucked into a pair of black shorts.  Lauren shares, “I love these shorts, I have several pairs like this, they’re kind of a go-to for daytime and I wear them just like this, with a little button-down and a flat.”

Speaking about the navy/black combination, Lauren says, “I love navy and black together! I know certain people get a little iffy with it but I think it’s very chic, I think it’s great for the workplace or when you want to look a little more polished.  I always wear them together.”

For more of Lauren’s interview with Entertainment Tonight, watch the video.

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  1. redwhiteandbitchy May 5, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    So obsessed with her

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