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These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things….


lauren 2


In her role as spokeperson for Malibu Island Spiced, Lauren Conrad hosted the Malibu Island Spiced Girls’ Day at the Beverly Hills Hotel, on Thursday, March 20. 

Lauren was ready for spring in an orange tank, beige shorts and a pair of beige strappy heels.  From one of the hotel’s iconic pool-side cabana’s, Lauren shared a list of her current favorite things:

Design theme: Eclectic. I like mixing new and old, so modern pieces with vintage pieces.
Way to wear my hair: Sort of a mess! I like waking up with it messy and putting a few curls in it.
Splurge food: Pizza. I’m not even a picky pizza person! I’ll eat bad pizza. I love pepperoni.
Cocktail: Malibu Island Spiced Mojito
Educational TV program: Frozen Planet.
Vacation spot: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Piece of clothing to wear around the house: Sweatpants! Old, soft, sweatpants! Like the tight ankle. I’ve had them forever, and there are nail polish stains on them! Love those.
Saying or motto: I don’t have one of those! I need to get one.
Concealer: Dior. It’s like sculpting concealer. I’ve used it for years.
Lipstick: Stila has a really good gloss, but it dries matte and stays forever.
Bronzer: Chanel.
Shampoo or conditioner: John Frieda’s purple shampoo, which is good for my blond because I go brassy easily.
Hotel to visit: Esperanza in Cabo.
Oscar look: Cate Blanchett. So pretty!
Spring trend: Pastels!
Girls’ day out: I’m a fan of a lazy day. At the beach, at the pool, read a magazine, gossip with your girlfriends, and have a cocktail.

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