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Kourtney’s New Style Inspiration




Kourtney Kardashian has become known for her love of interior design and home decor; Hills2City think the house she shares with boyfriend Scott Disick and children Mason and Penelope is by far our favorite amongst the Kardashian klan.

It seems like we’re not the only ones who think so, as Domaine Home spent the day recently with Kourtney, shopping for vintage decor.  Taking Editorial Director Mat Sanders to her favorite haunts, the eldest Kardashian sister gave her tips when it comes to finding the perfect vintage piece.

Number one is to bring along someone who knows your taste and your home well; they can also help you to act on impulse when you find something you love.  Kourtney adds, “If I want something, I’m no good at haggling because I’m so afraid I’ll lose it!”

She also suggests taking photos to reference, and investing in good quality mirrors.

Kourtney and Scott are actually on the look-out for their next home, one that Kourtney wants to decorate entirely differently than she has for their first home. She shares, “For my next house, I want the complete opposite. No prints, no wallpaper, no color. I want the vibe to be like Something’s Gotta Give with a little Pierre Paulin thrown in.”

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