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Lauren & William Are Getting Married This Fall!




It’s no secret that engaged couple Lauren Conrad and William Tell are very much in love, and now a source confirms, they could be getting married in a matter of months! 

In Touch magazine reveals, “They’ll walk down the aisle this fall,” and their source confirms, “Lauren is in full-on wedding-planning mode and loving it.”

Lauren, who was a guest-pinner for Martha Stewart Weddings in 2013, is “designing the entire thing herself, including her wedding dress. She’s so excited to see her vision come to life.”

The Bride-to-Be is sharing her wedding planning tips regularly with fans and fellow brides on her website, and this week gave her advice on how to put together a wedding guest list.  Lauren says, “I had one hard and fast rule: If we haven’t sat down and had a meal together in the past two years, you’re probably not going to be invited.  Since all of my closest friends and I dine together regularly, this helps separate people I’m still close with from the friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years. I think it’s a pretty fair rule.”

Lauren continues, “I also had to come up with some guidelines to determining who gets a plus-one.  A plus-one is a must for anyone who is married, engaged, or in a long-term relationship. No exceptions there! A plus-one is also thoughtful for anyone who is single, but won’t have any other friends attending. But if someone is single and will be amongst friends or family, giving them a plus-one is not necessary. Who knows, they might meet someone special…”

In her usual diplomatic way, Lauren concludes that, “deciding who will and won’t be there to witness your marriage can be very stressful, but everyone is different and will have their own way of deciding.”

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