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Designing Woman


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Along with former castmates Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port also became engaged in 2013, to her boyfriend of a few years, Tim Rosenman.  In the latest issue of Domain magazine, Whitney opens up for the first time about her fiance Tim, and how she made over her Venice beach home to suit the needs of a newly engaged couple rather than a single girl.

Whitney shares, “It’s the first time I’m living with a boy, so the new space is suited to a more masculine look. My old apartments were pretty feminine, but this is more subdued and neutral.”

The couple’s style is described as ‘polished bohemia’, and it is explained that the house is divided into four main areas, “Bedroom, living room, screening room, and dining room/kitchen.”

“It’s really nice to have such a big open landscape with a lot of light,” Whitney goes on to say.
When asked for her advice on designing a space, Whitney shares, “I’m a clothing designer, so I guess it just comes naturally to me.  [Just follow] what your eye goes to.” 
whitney 3
Whitney and Tim’s house hasn’t been totally converted though, as Whitney still needed room to house her impressive wardrobe and shoe collection.  The former star of theCity enlisted LA Closet Design’s Lisa Adams to contain her “expansive collection of apparel and accessories.”  The jungle wallpaper by Cole & Son’s was inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel’s iconic banana leaf wallpaper, which Whitney explained, has “the same California vibe.”
whitney 6

On Saturday, January 25, Whitney shared a look at some of her summer 2014 Whitney Eve collection with fans via Instagram.  The pieces Whitney highlighted are a mix of neutral basics, cool prints and easy summery shapes. 

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