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The Quarterback




Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are set to stay in Chicago, after Jay received a 7 year contract with the Chicago Bears, as announced by team General Manager Phil Emery on Thursday, January 2. 

Jay gave a press conference at Halas Hall, thanking his wife for her support and saying that  it has been “a fun ride” with the Bears.  He continued, “You get to the point where it’s, ‘What’s the most important part of your career? Dollars? Championships?’ We’re here to win.”

He also mentioned that getting married to Kristin and becoming a father to 16-month-old Camden had “helped me mature.”

Standing on the sidelines as her husband spoke at the press conference, Kristin posted the above photo to her Instagram, saying “Congratulations to my hubby!!!  7 more years in Chicago…we couldn’t be more excited!”

The financial terms of Jay’s new contract with the Bears hasn’t been released, but Jay shared, “We reached the amount of money that we’re going to be taken care of. Whether it’s $15 million or it’s $22 million, it’s hard to spend all that in your lifetime.” He then joked that his shoe designer wife “said she’ll help.”

Kristin has spoken about Jay’s job in the past, sharing with Chicago news station WCIU in October 2013 that she loves to watch him play.  “I get very into it.”  She also admitted that the rough nature of the sport “scares the crap out of me,” but is always there to support Jay when she can, “I’m at every game if I’m in town.”

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