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Olivia Palermo Is Engaged!




2014 brought a very happy new year for long-time lovebirds Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl; they became engaged on New Years Eve!

The couple, who have been together since 2008, are holidaying in St Barts and this is where Johannes popped the question.  Olivia’s fiance posted a video of her on Instagram, walking through the resort where they are staying; the video ends with Olivia flashing her engagement ring as pictured above.  Johannes said, “Happy New Year to everybody and this is how we celebrate it: OP said Y E S”

Hills2City don’t have any information about Olivia’s engagement ring yet, other than it looks huge, and gorgeous!


Not ones to shy away from PDA, Olivia and Johannes shared a kiss on the sands of Saline Beach on Monday, December 30. 

Johannes spoke about Olivia back in 2010 to Elle magazine, explaining that his girlfriend was in fact a very different person to the one we knew on theCity.  He said, “She is completely different than she’s been portrayed on her job, everyone who meets her—especially with me—is surprised about her happiness, and her friendliness and smiles.”

Olivia shared, “I think that we grow together.  I think that I’m constantly learning, and we’re both eager to learn about not only each other, but our interests.”

And Johannes continued, “I think we have a very conservative, old romantic, private approach to our love.”

Hills2City are really excited for this latest engagement news.  We’re looking forward to seeing how Olivia will put her personal style onto the wedding planning, and of course, the bridal gown!

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