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Speidi Has Apoligized To Lauren. Kind Of.


Heidi Montag Hosts Spencer Pratt's 30th Birthday Celebration At Crazy Horse III


There’s no doubt that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made their names off being the villains to Lauren Conrad’s heroine on theHills.  There’s also no arguing that it pays to be nice; Lauren making a successful empire for herself since her reality TV days ended and Heidi and Spencer ending up broke and (even more) desperate.

Perhaps Speidi has also faced these facts, revealing themselves to have a humble side in their recent special for E! Aftershock: Heidi and Spencer. 

Spencer insists he was “acting” the villain, and that his actions set Lauren up for the career she now has.  He explains, “I was just paid millions of dollars to pretend I didn’t like somebody. And I’m a really good actor if you pay me millions.  Somebody’s got to be the bad guy and [Conrad’s] the good girl. If it weren’t for Lauren moving from Laguna Beach, who knows if ‘Speidi’ would be a thing? She didn’t like that I was trying to make her show a hit show. I was trying to set up photos and be everyone’s producer and manager. I knew what we needed to take The Hills from a good show to a controversial, dramatic, “Gossip Girl”-type show.”

Heidi revealed that she has spoken to Lauren in the years since theHills ended, saying “I’ve talked to [Lauren] a few times on the phone and we’ve caught up.  She’s been really sweet. The last time we talked was like a year ago. I lost her number so I haven’t been able to call her [recently]. I told her I got really caught up and I was sorry about how things happened. I told her I miss her and she told me she’d always be there for me.”

Mrs Pratt also shared that she wishes Lauren a “blissful engagement”, and while she knows that the two won’t necessarily always be “friends,” they’ll “always have a special place” in each other’s hearts.”

Spencer also spoke about his lost friendship with Brody Jenner, explaining, “I turned on him for just being the nice guy that he is.  I wish I’d handled that differently. I abandoned him and our friendship and we were such best friends. I got caught up in ‘my character.’ Thankfully he has such a forgiving heart and we’re back to being great friends. He’s always been there for me.”

Another new concept for Spencer seems to be a life without publicity; being at college seems to have helped with this.  He shares,  “I’ve been so serious about studying and school.  Being around this many super motivated USC students got me to see that none of these people really care about fame and it does not determine success in life. I’m competitive in nature and I needed to be competitive in success, and that doesn’t necessarily mean being the top story on a website.”

Heidi seemed grateful for their TV special, saying “This is the first time to show our own lives and going behind the scenes and having our own voice.”

Another new thing for Heidi is her smaller breasts, having undergone breast-reduction surgery in 2013.  Of her surgeries, Heidi says, “I certainly wouldn’t do it again. It was a moment when I got really caught up and was nieve. My doctor glorified it. I didn’t understand the repercussions, the damage it would do on my body. I’m very thankful that I can correct it and am fortunate enough to stop the damage at the point that I have.”

Now that she has recovered from the reduction, Spencer shares that his wife is keen for children, saying “Heidi talks about it all day every day! She points out every little kid in the street! She mentions it throughout the day everyday. I don’t think either of us have real careers. I look at families and the world and providing — right now we don’t have to worry about it. But to add on how to afford kids to go to private school, to have clothes, to go to college… I have no concept of how any of that stuff is possible! To me that’s not real until we have a career and we can totally provide — it’s not fair to wing it. I don’t want my kid to be like, ‘Daddy, my friend’s dad’s a doctor, and my other friend’s dad’s an executive. What do YOU do daddy.’”

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