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Hills2City are aware we are not the only fan-girls of Lauren Conrad; the guys over at Fashionista recently confessed to freaking out a little when they got the chance to interview the goddess of Laguna.  Fashionista spoke to Lauren about her love of Instagram, uncanny likeness to Kate Middleton, style inspirations and of course, her recent engagement:

Congratulations, first of all, on the engagement–you must be thrilled! More than 334,000 people ‘liked’ the pic you posted of your ring on Instagram. Did you ever expect a reaction like that?
No! And it’s actually pretty funny-my friend Yoni, who’s a photographer, we had posted a picture that he took when we were in Oaxaca like a month or so ago. And I got over 200,000 [likes] and he was, like, so excited that we made that record. [So with the ring picture] I was like, “I’m so sorry, Yoni!” and he was like, “That’s not fair!”

Are you ever surprised just by everyone’s fascination with everything going on in your life?
Yes, very. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’m not gonna question it.

Tell us a little bit about your work with Downy and the Closet Love Affair contest.
Basically Downy ran a Pinterest contest where you sort of partner a scent with your personal style. The winner got California Closets to come in to redo their closet and Elle stylists to give them a style consultation.

I think for any girl, to be able to have her closet redone is kind of amazing. I just recently redid my closet and it’s nice because once you’ve reorganized everything and gone through and washed everything and have kind of brought out pieces you haven’t seen in a year, you do kind of fall back in love with your wardrobe.

As far as style goes, who’s your biggest inspiration right now?
Honestly, I’m just the type of person who dresses for myself. I think that, obviously, inspiration is everywhere and I’m always keeping up-to-date with trends through magazines and the Internet, looking at things I like. At the end of the day, I think I kind of just wear what I like and the things that make me happy.

Going back to Instagram, we’ve heard a lot lately about celebrity Instagrammers hiring ‘Instassistants‘—people who are great at Instagramming, and their job is to be a personal Instagrammer. Do you have anyone?

Yeah! Like, Rihanna has one…
Oh, no! I just like Instagram a lot so… I mean the only times that it’s not my photo is when I’m in it, and maybe somebody will take it, but I usually try and credit them.

Have there been any moments that you’ve either Instagrammed or you’ve had on TV that, looking back, you regret broadcasting?
I don’t think so. I’m really cautious of what I choose to share. Anything that I put out there, I’m very aware of and I’ve made a conscious choice. I think that I’m, for the most part, very protective of my personal life and people around me so I’m definitely someone who gets approval before I post anything. I think it’s great to be able to share personal things, but I think there’s definitely a line that can be crossed. You know, everybody’s line is a little different.

So in terms of your career, what other aspects of the industry would you love to get involved in that you haven’t yet? Is there anything that’s kind of on the horizon for you that you’re looking forward to doing?
I think that anything that I really love or want to do I’ve sort of done in some way on my website, which is nice. It’s such a great platform to have fun with and anything that you’re interested in at the time or anything that you’re like, I wanna learn more about this, I’ve been able to do with the site so I don’t know. I also am not looking to add anything to my plate right now. [laughs]

One last question, totally unrelated to everything else: Has it been brought to your attention that you look extremely similar to Kate Middleton?
[laughs] Yes, it has. I don’t actually see it!

Really? I feel like you guys are twins… and it’s fate that you’ve both found men named William…
Oh that’s funny I didn’t even think of that! I mean, listen, it’s like the ultimate compliment–a lot of women want to look like her–so I’ll take it.

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