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Audrina’s New Job




After a summer holiday in Aruba with boyfriend Corey Bohan, Audrina Patridge has come back home to the US with excitng news; a new job!  Beginning in January 2014, Audrina will be taking over from former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky as the host of NBC’s travel series 1st Look.

Ali is staying within the NBC family, having recently been announced to be joining the team at E!News as a full time correspondent.  That’s a role Hills2City could also image Audrina working up to as well!

During her role as host for 1st Look, Audrina will be travelling around the US, exploring the hottest restaurants, nightlife spots and travel destinations.  The new hostess with the mostess explained to The Hollywood Reporter that prior to taking on the new role, she was already a fan of the show and had been looking to get into hosting.  She said, “It’s one of my dream jobs because I love doing different adventures, and I have a passion for trying just about anything, which fits what this show is about. I get to bring the audience with me on this journey, and I can’t wait.”

Audrina started filming for 1st Look this week, and shared that there will be a two-part show that goes behind the scenes at the Golden Globes.  She explains, “It’s an all-access pass — everything from movie production to the best dresses to makeup.”

She added, I’ll also be going to amazing restaurants that no one has ever really heard of, and I’ll get to experience how to cook certain things with the chefs. The show covers pretty much the whole range [of travel-themed topics]. There’s so much to offer for everyone.  We’ll be visiting some places that I never even knew existed in this country.  It really opens the door for everyone to try new things.”

Producer for 1st Look Marni Sabia spoke about their new host, sharing, “Audrina is the ideal fit for 1st Look with her captivating presence and up-for-anything attitude.  Her passion for adventure and her enthusiasm are sure to catch the attention of our viewers every week as she takes on the experiences they want to see.”

The series of 1st Look hosted by Audrina commences on Saturday, January 4.

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