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Lauren Gets Edgy


Lauren Conrad has explained that her latest collection for Paper Crown will be ”a little edgier”, because she wants to give the clothing mass appeal.

Speaking to US magazine recently, Lauren shares, ”I tried to make this one a little edgier. You have to always remember it’s a business. I have to think, ‘OK, this basic top might not be the most creative piece, but it fits everyone and sells well, so it goes in the line.’ You need those bread-and-butter pieces.”

The designer also spoke about her favorite fabric, saying ”I love leather. I’ll wear [my favourite leather skirt] with a bootie and a looser fitting top for a cooler look, but I’ve also worn it with a button-up blouse for a more polished look.  I’ve worn it to business meetings and out to bars. And I’ve got a whole stack of leather pants in my closet!”

For date night dressing, Lauren says, ”My biggest concern is always appropriateness. So I usually start with the vibe I’m going for. I do a lot of black and white, especially if I’m going out to dinner. It just feels classic.”

Hills2City can’t wait to see photos from the new collection!

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