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Lauren Chooses Her Favorite Wedding Gowns




Could it be that the wedding bells are starting to ring for Lauren Conrad and William Tell? 

Lauren announced yesterday, Sunday, September 15, via her blog that she was the Guest Editor for the fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Lauren shares, ” As you may already know, I have always been an admirer of Martha Stewart and the brand she has created. I have also always fantasized about owning a bridal salon, so guest editing this issue was like a dream come true.”

Back in June, Lauren spoke to Us Weekly magazine about her relationship with William, sharing that her family adore him and are “all about it”, as to the couple becoming engaged!

“My family loves him, so they love when we come to visit.  We aren’t in a rush, though,” she clarified. “We’re happy where we are right now.”

Lauren spoke about spending time at her parents Laguna Beach house, explaining, “We spend a lot of weekends there hanging out by the pool and doing nothing.”

Hills2City wonder if working on a bridal magazine and getting the opportunity to choose her favorite wedding gowns may have motivated Lauren to start dreaming of a wedding of her own?  It’s easy to picture the designer in any of the gowns she’s chosen!

When speaking to Us Weekly, Lauren also talked about the origins of Laguna Beach, and how different the reality tv world has become.

“I was out to dinner last night with Trey Phillips, who I did [Laguna Beach] with, and we were talking about how it was such a unique time. It was before reality TV had become what it was today. There was an innocence to it because none of us were doing it to get any deals or other ventures — we were just all friends and it sounded cool so we did it,” she explained. “We didn’t know what we were really doing, so I think it was this very interesting time where people didn’t have ulterior motives. We were just filming a documentary.  It was just a big group of friends being themselves.  I think it’s impossible to do that in this day and age of reality TV.”

Lauren shared that she’s still friends with most of her former co-stars, and that a project that’s been on the backburner is the idea of producing her own reality show.  “I’ve been talking to people over the last couple years about that.  Right now I don’t have the time I would want to dedicate to making it the best it could be, so the perfect opportunity hasn’t come around yet. But I’m hopeful that it will!”

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