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Fashion Tips From Miss Olivia P




Although she’s been in New York this week for Fashion Week, Olivia Palermo made a recent trip to Australia, making time to speak with Vogue Australia and shoot a fashion story for an upcoming issue.

Whilst on set, Olivia shared her favorite fashion tips with Vogue Australia:

  • “I’ve always been a bit more on the conservative side not exposing too much skin, a balance is important.”
  • “My mother and aunt both have a very beautiful antique jewellery collection, seeing all of their archives I’m sure rubbed off on me at some point and evolved as an adult.”
  • “I think as you get older your style evolves, it’s important to know your body’s proportions and what works and what doesn’t.”
  • “I tend to add something structured to my way of dressing. A little touch!!”
  • “Designers cut differently, if one is not familiar with the fashion house then it’s always a good idea to try on the garment quickly! I try and have fun playing with different pattern and textures, adding a pop of color always makes it more interesting.”

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