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Lauren Conrad visited India last week with her close friend Hannah Skvarla, posting photos of the trip on her Instagram.  On Thursday, September 5, Lauren and Hannah took part in India’s famous Holi Festival, where the friends were covered in colored powder and splashed with water. 

Lauren confirmed that the trip wasn’t just for a vacation, but also to promote her newest venture, The Little Market.  The fashion designer and author started talking about her new business back in July 2013, where she shared that The Little Market will be an e-commerce site that sells crafts made by women globally.

Hannah is a Human Rights Watch advocate, who has introduced Lauren to another side of life.  Lauren shares,”We’ve been to Bali and El Salvador and Africa and India and Nepal.  Hannah is good about educating me about not just the beautiful places we go to but also the issues people there face. I think when you’ve been fortunate, you have a moral obligation to do things for others.”

Along with participating in the Holi Festival this India trip, Lauren and Hannah also shopped for accessories and took part in a pottery class.

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