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In Our Dreams?





MTV aired the alternate ending to theHills on Friday, August 9, giving all the Lauren-and-Brody lovers the ending of their dreams.  If you didn’t tune in, the alternate ending consisted of Brody and Kristin saying their good-byes, just like the ending we saw back in 2010.  Then, instead of the soundstage reveal, Kristin drives off “to Europe” and Brody arrives home to his condo, where we find none other than Lauren Conrad sitting on his couch!

Lauren turns to greet Brody, asking “Where you been?”  Brody responds, “I was just saying goodbye to a friend of mine.”

Lauren asks if Kristin is ok, then says, “It’s hard to say goodbye.”  “Yeah,” Brody agrees, “It is.”

The couple then break out into huge smiles and the show ends. 

What did you think?  Did you prefer this ending to the one producers decided to go ahead with? 

Lauren herself was in a nolstalgic mood last week, posting a newspaper clipping of herself and Laguna friends from 2004 on Instagram, saying “#tbt to 2004 when we signed up to be a part of that documentary… @lobosworth @treyphillips @stephencolletti @dieterschmitz @talantorriero found this today cleaning out my closet.”

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