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The Great Romancing




It sounds like Stephanie Pratt has finally met her match in new boyfriend Spencer Matthews, who insists their romance is real.  Spencer spoke to Now magazine last week, and explained that he’d met Stephanie through her brother Spencer, and that the former theHills star is the  “female equivalent of me”.

Spencer continued, “She gets me 100 per cent. I really like her but obviously it’s very difficult because she lives in LA. We’re not fooling anyone. It isn’t a publicity stunt, but we also aren’t going to say we’re in love and going to have a long distance romance because I think everyone knows that isn’t going to happen.”
So perhaps it’s a case of making the most of things while they’re in the same city, as Spencer introduced Stephanie to his best friend over the weekend.  Spencer, Stephanie, and former Made In Chelsea stars, Hugo Taylor and his girlfriend Natalie Joel, went out in Notting Hill, London, for a double date.
Spencer says,  “It’s real. We’re romancing”.

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