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Kristin & Jay Are Planning Baby Number 2!


After tying the knot with husband Jay Cutler on Friday, June 7, Kristin Cavallari has announced that the couple are now ready for a sibling for their son Camden!

Camden will turn 1 on Thursday, August 8, which has Kristin and Jay very excited.  Kristin spoke to E!News recently, and shared “He’s almost a year, which is crazy, it flies by. He started walking at 10 1/2 months and he is all over the place, so there is no such thing as sitting still anymore.”

“We are both ready for baby No. 2.  I don’t have any announcement today, that’s for sure, but we’re gettin’ there.”

Kristin also spoke about being married to her long time love, Jay.  “Married life is great.  To be honest it feels the exact same…Once you live together and have a baby together, not a whole lot changes. But it’s been great and we’re really enjoying it. I have an additional ring on my finger, yes.”

Kristin, Jay and Camden split their time between Chicago (for Jay’s work), Los Angeles (for Kristin’s work) and Nashville, where they have a family home.  Kristin explained how they make it work, saying “The hardest part of everything is the flying back and forth…Luckily, Camden is an awesome flyer and he comes with me most of the time.  We have a lot of family around in Chicago, which helps a lot, and Jay’s parents love babysitting overnight, so that’s come in handy.”

Mr and Mrs Cutler chose to honeymoon in Italy, after their Nashville wedding.  Kristin shared that the honeymoon, “was awesome.  I ate and drank for two weeks straight. It was great.”

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