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Desperately Seeking Spencer?




Stephanie Pratt and Spencer Matthews’ reality romance is still going strong, Spencer flying Stephanie to London on Sunday night, July 21, so they could attend the UK premiere of The Lone Ranger together.

The Made In Chelsea star took to Twitter earlier in the afternoon to post the above two photos, one of which involved him posing next to his plane with new love Stephanie. 

Spencer’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Watson has her doubts about the relationship though, speaking to New magazine, saying “I don’t really care if they’re together. They’re obviously quite fame-hungry and desperate for attention.  

Lucy continued, “Spencer knows I’m serious when I say there’s no chance of us getting back together, so there’s no point in him trying to win me back.” 

Spencer and Lucy split up shortly after debuting their relationship at the BAFTA Awards in May, so understandably still sounds quite bitter.  She says of the fling with Stephanie, “For Spencer, any hole’s a goal. I think he just sees it as meaningless sex.”

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