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Whitney’s Fashionable Life


Last week Hills2City brought you the news of Whitney Port’s latest collaboration, with Australian fashion label Cooper Street.  Whitney has been talking with DIY Fashion about her latest project, and also chatted about personal style, East Coast Vs. West Coast, and what will be next for the former star of theCity:

What made you decide to join forces with the Cooper St?

I feel like we have a very similar esthetic. I just love what they do, I love their prints, I love their colors, I think that their fashion sense is very similar to mine. [When] I met the designers, we got along perfectly and decided ‘wow’ this would be really fun to go ahead and test something out. The product has come out exactly how I wanted — even better than I could have ever imagined.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

Every time I see it I feel like it changes! But when I did the photoshoot, my favorite piece was the black spaghetti strap dress with a slit. It’s really simple but it’s very chic and sophisticated, too. I feel like lots of girls are going to be able to wear it — it’s going to look great on everyone.

So, what’s next for your line Whitney Eve?

I am working on spring 2014 at the moment. So [I’m] continuing to develop as a designer and get my line out there. I’m also working on a jewelry line to launch during the fall holiday time.

You’ve lived on both sides of the country. Do you find that you’re more in-sync with West or East Coast style?

I feel like when I’m in the different places my style changes a bit. I feel like my style is a really even mix of the two. Although, when I’m in New York I can have a little bit more fun and I have the motivation to dress up a bit more.

What are staple pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A really skinny, fancy black denim jean, a leather motorcycle jacket— because it instantly makes me feel cool — a great black dress, and a really good standard ankle boot.

One trend you wish would go away?

I’m not really into scarves just for the sake of wearing scarves. I get it if it’s cold outside and you want to bundle up, but I really don’t like those patterned scarves people wear to just accessorize their outfits when it’s not even cold.

Now, just for fun, finish the sentence…I can’t leave home without my _____ when traveling.

Obviously my phone, but If I’m going on a plane ride, a cashmere scarf that I wear around my neck and use as a blanket.

The weirdest thing I keep in my handbag is _____ .

These gummy candies that look like fried eggs! So random, but I’m a sucker for a good candy store. I treat myself to a couple a day.

When it comes to fashion, I’m most likely to splurge on ____ and save on _____ .

I [pretty much] think everything you buy you can save on. But, for me, shoes and bags are something I don’t want to cheap out on. They are things you wear over and over again … so you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. With clothes … it’s something that’s constantly evolving and changing so you don’t always have to be shopping the labels.

Whitney also spoke with UK site So Feminine this week, and revealed why Lauren Conrad isn’t her first port of call when asking for fashion advice.  Whitney said, “Ha, not really!  We kind of leave the work conversations out of it when we speak.  I like to get certain opinions from my friends and my sisters and people like that, but we don’t talk about that stuff when we catch up on a personal level.”

We don’t know about you, but Hills2City just did a tiny “squee” of excitement that Lauren and Whitney are still friends. 

Whitney stuck up for Kim Kardashian to So Feminine, explaining that she thought Kim had received heavy criticism over her maternity wardrobe.  She says,   “I give her credit – I think it takes a lot of work to put yourself together generally, but to do it when you’re pregnant…She’s under a lot of scrutiny and I feel sorry that people are judging what she’s wearing.  I mean, you’re not supposed to look amazing when you’re pregnant. It doesn’t really seem fair.”

The UK style site asked Whitney which celebrities she’d love to see in Whitney Eve, with the designer responding,  “I love girls like Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson.  I would love that kind of girl who loves fashion and takes a lot of fashion risks, to wanna wear it.”

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