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Whitney’s Australian Love




Audrina Patridge isn’t the only former cast member of theHills to have ties to Australia; over the past couple of years Whitney Port has built a strong presence there too.

Whitney showed her Whitney Eve collection at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in 2012, produced a capsule collection for high street store Sportsgirl, and let’s not forget, her ex-boyfriend from the first season of theCity, Jay Lyon, is a born and bred Aussie too.

The latest collaboration for Whitney and an Australian brand is between local label Cooper Street.  Whitney just shot the look book for the Whitney Port/Cooper Street collection in Los Angeles earlier this week, on Sunday, June 23.  She then took time out to speak to Australian Marie Claire magazine about her new project:

Whitney, firstly congratulations on your collaboration with Cooper St clothing – what made you decide to partner with the brand?

Thank you so much! I’m really excited about it. The collaboration came about after I met the Cooper St designers in Australia. I’m obviously looking to extend my reach as a fashion designer, so when they came out to LA recently, we thought it would be cool to do something together.

You’ve said before that LA and Sydney are quite similar – with this in mind, what type of girl do you envision wearing the Cooper St / Whitney Port line?

Anyone who feels comfortable and confident in it – I don’t like to pigeonhole or put people in boxes; I’d like anyone who wears my brand to feel great in it. But I guess it’s for anyone who likes to take risks with their style and likes to keep ahead of the trends. It’s really bright and trend heavy, so I think it will be perfect for the Australian market.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

There’s one I absolutely love, which is a long black maxi dress with spaghetti straps. It has a high split and a low back and I just think it’s very Calvin Klein when I look at it. There’s also a great printed crop tee and trousers. Everything is so vibrant and wearable.

You showed your Whitney Eve line at Australian Fashion Week in 2012 – how do you feel the brand has evolved since then?

I think it’s become more of a universal line. It’s definitely reflective of my style and it’s quite wearable. The price points have come down a lot since I started out in the industry, because the economy is changing so much, and I obviously want everyone to be able to access my line. Everything is now under $300, which I think is amazing to be able to say.

What’s next for you?

I just really want to focus all my energy on becoming a better designer. My clothing line is my true passion and I really want to expand where it’s sold. Doing The Hills and The City was great, but TV isn’t my real passion. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I used it as a way to gain exposure for my line.

Whitney then took part in Marie Claire’s “Finish These Sentences” segment:

My style can be described as…eclectic!

 My secret to fabulous hair is…I’m going to be honest, it all comes down to genes and my amazing colourist!

My can’t-live-without clothing or accessory item right now is…I have a pair of Kara Ackerman rose gold earrings that I am absolutely addicted to right now. Fashion wise, I really love men’s oversized shirts at the moment! It sounds weird, but they go so well with everything. They’re great tucked into skinny jeans or just thrown over a dress. It’s getting a lot warmer here in LA now, so they’re like my go-to jacket.

My favourite Instagram account is…Ooh you know, I really love Gary Pepper Vintage. Her pictures are so vibrant and colourful. I think her style is amazing. I love seeing all her travel photos and what she gets up to!

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…To try your hardest and not be afraid of failure. If you don’t take any risks, you’re always going to be average. You might fall down sometimes, but you can always pick yourself back up.

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