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Lauren Conrad Shares: The Right Red For You




Summer for us at Hills2City means working those bright colors into our wardrobes.  Sometimes this can seem a little daunting after the long winter months and the dark colors we’re naturally drawn to, so introducing color into your beauty look can be a great way to lighten up.

Lauren Conrad has shared her favorite red lipsticks, and put together a great guide as to what shades best suit what skintone:

Fair Skin Tones – If you have a peaches and cream complexion, here’s what you need to know:

  • For pink undertones, opt for coral reds since they are not so overpowering. Matte reds with a hint of orange look great too.
  • For yellow undertones, go with a coral or brick red that is a bit warmer.

Medium & Bronze Skin Tones – For those of you with more olive or golden skin, here’s what works best for you:

  • Lucky you! Most shades will work with your coloring… Go crazy!
  • True reds, cranberry shades, and pink-based reds look especially lovely with your coloring.

Dark Skin Tones – If you have a deeper complexion, with cool undertones, here’s what you need to know:

  • Blue-based reds and cool shades will look best with your rich coloring—think fig, dark cherry, and dark jam.
  • Stay away from anything too bright, otherwise it will look harsh.

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