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Hot Tub Time Machine




Kristin Cavallari and fiance Jay Cutler had an 80’s flashback this weekend, as they celebrated Jay’s 30th birthday.  Jay was born in 1983, so the party was themed around the totally tubular fashions of the era.

Kristin tweeted this photo pre-party on Saturday, April 27, joking “The hair is real, the cigarette is fake.”

The ex-Hillsie has also been speaking recently about her relationship with Jay to Disfunkshion magazine, explaining that her fiance will tell her if she’s getting too thin.  Kristin explains, “I’m lucky to have Jay who would rather have a couple pounds on me. He tells me when I’m too skinny. That helps.  I take care of myself, go to the gym, eat well. There are good and bad days.”

She also shared that before their son Camden was born, that the couple ensured they were on the same page with their parenting ideas.  Kristin says,  “Having Jay is really helpful. It’s important to talk about parenting philosophies before having a child. You want to go in knowing how to raise them to avoid the arguments that can ensue. Being good parents is our top priority.”

Kristin has also put her career on hold somewhat for Camden, choosing jobs that she can easily do from home rather than having to travel.  She explains, “Being a mom has definitely changed my priorities. It’s all about him. I’ve turned down jobs that would have kept me in L.A. because I want to be there for him.”

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