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Olivia P


Our favorite Hills2City couple, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, took a stylish stroll through New York’s West Village on Sunday afternoon, April 14.

From Olivia’s beautiful faux fur coat, we guess it’s not quite as warm on the East Coast this weekend, but hey, at least it’s not snowing!  The fashion icon layered a white shirt under her coat, also wearing distressed skinny jeans, black suede ankle boots, black sunglasses and carried a two-tone clutch bag.

Johotness wore an effortless weekend look of straight-leg jeans, black New Balance sneakers, a plaid shirt and black knit sweater.  He accessorized with a silver sporty watch and black sunglasses.

Olivia recently spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine about her personal style, explaining, “I like to look polished, but there has to be a touch of masculinity to my outfit.  It just makes it feel more comfortable, and if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, other people can tell.”

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