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This Girl Is On Fire



Changing her outfit from a plain black jumpsuit to bright red and yellow getups, Lauren made her second appearance at Miami’s Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show dishing more about her favorite styling tips to Louise Roe. First she walked the red carpet wearing a yellow mini dress, and immediately changed to her second outfit consisting of a bright red dress and nude wedges.

Lauren confessed that she couldn’t even imagine styling 1440 looks by herself, though she does try to have fun getting dressed and doing her hair because its part of being a girl. She also shared her top styling tip to flatter yourself saying that “it’s best to have your clothes tailored as not everyone can wear off the rack clothing.”  Unfortunately, not everyone can be rich, but when you can spill out extra cash for tailoring, Lauren’s right that it’s a good idea when necessary.

She also predicted that the top fashion trend for spring 2013 will be black and white ensembles as it is something really versatile and appropriate for different settings. Lauren confirmed it, so we can all go out and get zebra now.  Zebra has actually been out for a while, but hopefully it will still be around by the time you go out to the store tomorrow and finally wear it this weekend!

Lauren also revealed that her style icon of the day was Louise Roe as she loved her floral maxi dress which is a staple in Lauren’s wardrobe.

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