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Snooki’s Tanning Lotion Must Really Work



Gossip Center

On Saturday, February 23, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, made an appearance at Beach Bum Tan in Saddle Brook, NJ, to launch her new tanning lotion. It looks good.  Nicole’s tan looks a lot better than it did when we first met her.  Not only is Nicole’s tan improving, she’s also trying her hand at charity.ealized the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy and its affect on her beloved Seaside house with fellow cast mates first hand, a portion of the profit will be donated to those who were affected by the devastation. 

The Jersey Shore star wore high waisted white shorts with a gold belt, a black tank top, and black heels. After loosing all the baby weight, Snooki is flaunting her new figure! Even with a change in hair color, she seems more confident than ever.

While making her appearance, she took to her Twitter page to write, “Thank you Saddle Brook beach bum! & everyone who came out today! LOVE YOU.” 

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