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CheckMate Bad Date Series: The Awkward Chipotle Date


From CheckMateSocial.com

I went on a bad date a couple months ago. First dates are usually really awkward, but this one was worse than usual. And it’s ironic because it started off well!

So he picks me up and we go to Chipotle. The car ride is fine, but towards the end he keeps staring at me while he’s driving. Hello! You need to focus on the road; I don’t want to die. We finally get to the restaurant, the line is extremely long and the restaurant is extremely loud. We just met so I’m not going to use my shouting voice; I need to speak in normal tones. So we couldn’t hear each other. After saying “what” numerous times, we stood quietly and awkwardly in line. I understand that we weren’t talking, but he started to text furiously on his phone, which was rude.

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CheckMate will be showcasing our Bad Date series. Real stories from real people with really bad experiences. The stories will make you laugh, relate and want to do better.

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