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Whitney’s Advice For Your Career




It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we saw Whitney Port graduating from USC on theHills, but on Tuesday, January 29, Whitney made a return to her old college. 

The Whitney Eve designer and former reality star was there to speak to current students about her current endeavours and her personal secrets to success.  Whitney shared how she became involved with theHills, explaining, “I walked into the Teen Vogue offices to apply for an internship and there were all these cameras…in walks Lauren Conrad and then I realized I was on her Spin-off show!”

Whitney shared her one regret about her own college experience, saying “I regret not paying enough attention in class. You don’t realize how important education is until you’re gone.”

She encouraged the audience to ask her anything, and offered advice on internships, saying “The best quality that an intern can have is a really positive attitude.  I can see it in an intern’s eyes when they don’t want to do something, and for me that makes me not want to work with them…and to try to put your personal touch on things.” 

Whitney’s tip for job applications is to make the cover letter a stand-out document.  She said,  “Cover letters are important because you get a chance to tell the employer exactly why you want to work for them.  For my interns, I don’t always look for someone who’s had the most experience, but for someone who is passionate.”

One audience member asked about Whitney’s social life in college, to which she replied, “My college life here [at USC] really consisted of school and my little group of friends, just like a regular girls life. Have fun and enjoy it while you can!” and then jokingly added “hopefully that’s not bad advice!”

Whitney’s hope for herself in 20 years?  “I hope to have a successful clothing line and I hope that I can reach hundreds, thousands, millions of girls with my clothes,” she shared.

The former star of theCity left the audience with a final piece of advice: “As soon as you start to doubt yourself and you start taking others’ opinions too seriously is when you’re not staying on path anymore.”

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