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How Rita Ora Does It



Not-so-newbie anymore, Rita Ora has scored the popworld and stepped on to the top of the charts.

The singer from UK is only 22 and is already all over the entertainment news. Rita recently caught up with Out for some exclusive coverage on her background and life and, of course, her upcoming career.

The starlet moved from Yugoslavia with her family when she was a baby and has been living in the UK for pretty much her entire life. Rita was signed at Roc Nation by Jay-Z in 2009 from her performances in bars around town in London. “The first thing Jay said to me was, ‘Hey, kid!'” she said, “He raised me a little bit. It’s very much of a family feeling.”

In april 2012, Rita held her first US performance in New York City to which Jay-Z and Beyonce showed up to, further lending credibility to Rita. “I was singing ‘Say My Name,’ and I was nervous because it was in front of the queen!” the singer said, “She did give me the stamp of approval at the end.” The same year in September, Rita released her debut album and hit the top of the UK charts.

About four years ago the star moved to the US in order to pursue a career in music, but remains close to her family back in the UK. “My mum calls me up every once in a while and says, ‘Are you eating? Are you sleeping?’” she said, “Yeah, I am! I’m eating,” she replied at the end of the interview.

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