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A Fame Game Novel: Infamous Revealed!




On Tuesday, June 11, we can all sit back in our beach chairs and indulge ourselves in the next book Infamous, to the series, The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad. Doing it all by the age of 30 seems to look like LC’s motto. From Reality star, Designer, Novelist, Actress, the list goes on! 

Lauren herself shared a quick synopsis of this book and what we should expect, “Filming for season two of The Fame Game has begun, and star Madison Parker is doing something she never thought she’d do: avoiding the PopTV cameras. She knows Trevor will come groveling, and that she’ll go back to the show eventually – but on her terms. Fame can turn a girl into a pawn, and Madison knows that’s not the life she wants.”

Adding, “Fame can turn a girl into a target, too, something her Fame Game costars are quickly learning. Up-and-coming actress Carmen is trying to figure out who’s feeding gossip about her to the press, and all signs point to someone from her inner circle. Meanwhile, the tabloids have dubbed Kate ‘The Boring One,’ but if she’s so boring, why is she the one with the boyfriend and the stalker? Help comes from an unexpected place as Madison gives Kate pointers about how to work the reality-TV system. But will Kate take the advice too far?

Finalizing with suspense, she adds, “As the girls’ careers heat up, so do their love lives, and they each discover that chasing their dreams almost always comes at a price.”

What do you think of Lauren’s new series so far?

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