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Everyone’s Getting Married




So you know you’re getting a little older when it seems like everyone in your friendship group is getting married, or having a baby.  Can you image how Lauren Conrad felt to hear not only one, but two of her ex-boyfriend’s are engaged?!

Doug Reinhardt, who dated Lauren back in high school and also on theHills in 2008, has asked Allie Lutz to marry him!  Allie famously appeared on the last season of theHills, as a “friend” of Lauren-lookalike McKaela and had a lot of drama with Kristin and Brody.  Do you remember Brody’s Gollum impression of Allie about her missing ring?  Too funny.

Allie tweeted her excitement about the engagement Monday, January 7, with the photo above, sharing “Cat’s out of the bag… ❤ #engaged #bestfriend #highschoolsweetheart.”  Apparently Doug and Allie were high school sweethearts; who knew!

A rep for the Reinhardt family shared with People magazine the details of the engagement, saying “They [got] engaged on a yacht Doug chartered for New Year’s.  Doug proposed on the yacht at St. Barts and afterwards arranged a lavish celebration while cruising around St. Barts and Anguilla.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s first love Jason Wahler is also engaged (again).  Jason proposed to his girlfriend of 18 months, Ashley Slack, seven weeks ago.  The former star of Laguna Beach and theHills posted a photo of his fiance’s huge, pair-shaped diamond ring on Instagram with the caption “Love you babe!”

Still, we’re sure Lauren isn’t too upset, having been with boyfriend William Tell since February 2012.  Lauren and William seem to be in it for the long haul, if their friends’ quotes are anything to go by, so perhaps we’ll be hearing engagement news from Lauren herself in 2013?

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