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Kristin Cavallari celebrated Christmas very much like the rest of us this year, if her plans shared with Celebuzz are anything to go by.  Just before the holidays, Kristin shared, “Christmas Eve we’ll sleep at Jay’s parents house, which will be a lot of fun because his sister has a 9- month-old boy.”

The first-time Mom has also thought about Christmas-traditions to come for Camden, saying, “Traditions I’ll start next year when he’s old enough to have ‘the elves’ come seven nights before Christmas to leave a present in the stocking.  Unless you were bad, then you get coal.”

Kristin’s still adamant that a wedding is not on the horizon for herself and fiance Jay Cutler, explaining, “I don’t want to plan a wedding right now.  Just the thought of [getting married] gives me a headache, with a newborn baby.”

Jay and Kristin have however decided on one wedding detail; they want Camden to be able to walk down the aisle with Kristin.  She adds, “So, we will have to wait until he can walk.”

And there is also a chance that Kristin might get pregnant again before tying the knot with her football-playing fiance; she shares, “We might have another one before we get married.  We’re talking about baby number two. [But] it’s a little soon still for me.”

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