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Whitney Parties In Style




Are you stuck for holiday party style inspiration?  Head over to Whitney Port’s blog, where the designer and reality star has collated a bunch of sparkly, colorful, fun ideas to put the perfect holiday party outfit together!

Whitney says:

With parties on the social calendar, family and friends back in town and the end of the year coming up, the mood of celebration has taken over. The holiday season has officially arrived! One thing I really love about this season is the chance to be playful with your wardrobe. While you’re clinking glasses under sparkling lights, why not wear something that matches the festive feel and decor?

When I’m going out with my girlfriends during the holidays, I embrace the glitz of golds and silvers that are so prevalent at this time. If houses can be covered in shimmering lights, I don’t see why my wardrobe can’t have its chance to glimmer. Spruce up your usual all-black nighttime look with a metallic skirt, a sequined collar or gold-studded heel. You have permission to be as sparkly as you want to be during this time — light up all those holiday parties!

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