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The Return Of Speidi?


Well it seems like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s protests that they’d learnt from their former fame-hungry ways just might not be true.  On Monday, December 17, it was revealed that the former villains of theHills will be appearing in the latest season of UK’s Celebrity Big Brother.  We assume they use the term ‘celebrity’ lightly.

Heidi and Spencer will we two of the contestants in the UK Celebrity Big Brother season due to premiere on Thursday, January 3. The notorious duo will be joined by Meatloaf, Claire Richards from UK pop band Steps, page-3 celebrity Katie Price and UK X-Factor’s Rylan Clark.

Speidi famously participated in a US version of I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here, and recently shared that they’d blown $1 million dollars since theHills finished.

It seems like a shame that the couple aren’t living up to their word that they’ve changed.  We kind of thought that Spencer going to College and Heidi acting much more humble meant that they’d finally grown up.

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