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Separately, yet on the same day, Wednesday, December 5, Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ starlets, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, were spotted out on the town in South Beach, Florida. Bright and early that morning, the pair was seen working out. Oldest sister, Kourtney, took to her Twitter page, writing, “7am workout! If @KimKardashian wasn’t forcing me to workout with her…I would have been asleep. It was SO worth it…I feel good! Let’s go.”

Kourtney was later seen heading into the spa at the St. Regis hotel. We can’t blame this 33-year-old mother of two for going to the spa. It’s a stress reliever indeed, and after a hard workout, a spa day is needed especially before returning to mother duties! But because she’s a Kardashian, she can never leave her fashion at home.  She worked an elegant navy blue dress with bright blue and green heels, looking stunning!

Kim took the rest of the day to enjoy some time off and enjoy South Beach. She wore loose brown pants with a black leather jacket and red wedges. She knows just how to piece everything together.  We’re sure this got the obligatory approval from Kanye.

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