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Stephanie Pratt’s Hit List


Former star of theHills, Stephanie Pratt, is launching her very own Youtube channel titles The Hit List. This channel features celebrity guests dishing information about things that are usually unknown to the public eye, such as celebrity crushes. She also talks about the hottest topics with her guests and the projects the celebrities are working on.

In this episode, Stephanie interviews Ashley Holliday . They discuss their top five male celebrity crushes, as well as Ashley’s Hollywood Heights season one series featured on TeenNick.  

She shares “It is a teenage soap opera. I love it and I am not a teenager and I watch it religiously. Especially because of the subject mater about trying to achieve your dreams, and not giving up, and really reaching ambitions that you don’t think are possible.”

Every week Stephanie will unleash a new episode to this web series. In the upcoming weeks, it will feature Kali Hawk from New Girl, Jen Lilley from General Hospital, Pip from The Voice, Taryn Manning from Hawaii Five-O, pop star Kimberly Cole and comedian Ben Gleib. We look forward to seeing more!

One response to “Stephanie Pratt’s Hit List

  1. Don Bross November 7, 2012 at 1:27 am

    Wow this was phenomenal, I wish I could write like you. Where did you learn how to make post like that?

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