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If You Could Travel Back In Time….


In tribute of her new book release Lauren Conrad Beauty, Lauren Conrad had dished her views of what she would do differently to make over her 16 year old self if she had the chance to do so during her Teen Vogue interview.

She shares, “If I could make over my 16-year-old self, I would do several things. One, I would stop trying to pluck my own eye-brows. I would splurge once a month and go and get them professionally done because they were never quite even. I would also stop bleaching my hair because I damaged it so much and it did not go well with my skin tone. And I would probably stay out of the sun a little bit more because I was always a little too tan. Other than that I think I was good…. Oh no I would stop straightening my hair so much too. I would do a lot of things. I would basically tone-down my overall look. Thats what I would do.”

Just like a lot of us here at Hills2City, Lauren has definitely learnt from her mistakes. Of course we thought Lauren was pretty perfect back then, but it is interesting to see her beauty evolution over the years.

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