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Baby’s First Halloween



Kristin Cavallari is getting into the Halloween spirit a little early this year, hosting a  ‘Bing It On’ Halloween Costume Challenge in New York on Friday, October 19.

The winning costume was a psychedelic rainbow flower, yet Kristin decided to play things a little more low key, trying on bunny ears and a couple of different hats.

Kristin shared that for baby Camden’s first Halloween, she and fiance Jay are planning a low-key celebration at home.  She explained, “Jay has to work so we’re just going to stay home and give candy to the trick-or-treaters.  We’re dressing him up as a lion because he’s a Leo.”

The first-time Mom also shared that she has almost completely lost her baby weight.  Kristin spoke to Us magazine recently, saying, “I put on 25 pounds, and last time I weighed myself, I had four pounds to go.  I’m guessing I’ve lost about two pounds, so I probably have two more pounds until my pre-baby weight.”

Kristin revealed that she’s been losing the weight naturally, enjoying seaweed salad and vegan cookies for snacks and that she stays active. “I breast-feed, so that alone burns 500 calories. I also walk the treadmill.  Nothing too crazy.”

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