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Whitney’s Not Friends With Anyone From theHills Anymore


Whitney Port has confirmed that she no longer sees or speaks to the majority of her former co-stars from theHills or theCity, telling People magazine “I think we all kind of went our separate ways once the show ended.”

Whitney attended the opening of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ boutique Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills on Thursday, October 11, where some of her Whitney Eve designs are being sold.

At the launch she spoke to People, further explaining how the cast all moved on.  “I’m fine with it, like I’m at peace with it. With me, I never feuded with anyone, and nothing ever ended badly, so it just naturally happened that [I lost touch with people].”

Whitney also shared that unlike Lauren, who she does run in to from time to time, she wouldn’t rule out a return to reality tv.  Whitney explains, “I think I would do something fashion-related for sure.  But I don’t ever see myself doing something as intimate as what I did.”

Perhaps the fact that Whitney met boyfriend Tim Rosenman behind the scenes on theCity, enables her to see reality tv as a happy thing.  When asked how she feels about having a relationship out of the spotlight, as opposed to her previous ones with Ben Nemtin and Jay Lyon, Whitney says “It’s very refreshing.  It’s nice.”

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