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The Charitable Sort



Lauren Conrad appeared on Access Hollywood on Thursday, October 11, speaking to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about her career post-theHills.

When asked why she had been so successful when a lot of her co-stars on theHills haven’t, Lauren said, “I have no idea [what I did differently]. I think I was just really lucky, to be honest.  I think that I didn’t love [being a reality star]. I think some people loved it – they loved the attention. It always kind of made me uncomfortable and so I was happy to leave.”

She also added, “I’m not looking to go back.”

Viewers of Laguna Beach and theHills will remember that Lauren always had a thing for charity, organising her friends and supporting different causes. As she shared on Access Hollywood, it’s nice to see that Lauren is still donating her time and energy for good causes.

This Saturday, October 13, Lauren will be hosting the Susan G. Komen Designs For The Cure Gala in Los Angeles, and in addition to this,  will be dressing breast cancer survivors in designs from her Paper Crown label. 

Lauren shared that her preparations for the night will be mainly emotional, saying “I think my main focus is going to be waterproof mascara and making it through the night [without crying].”

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