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The Cutler Bunch



On Saturday, September 29, Kristin Cavallariwas enjoying some alone time in West Hollywood, getting some retail therapy at her old favorite shopping haunts.

Kristin recently spoke to People Magazine about her new life, saying, “We’re a family and it feels like we’re already married. Marriage isn’t at the top of our priority list right now, but we’ll do it. We’re talking about having another baby soon. We want kids close in age. Jay wants four so we’d love to have two closer in age, take a little break then have two more… I can see us having another baby in a year. We’d love to have three boys and a girl. But we’ll be happy with anything.”

A two month old baby in the house and already talking more babies? It sounds like Jay and Kristin are planning a family to rival The Brady Bunch.

For her shopping trip, Kristin aka Mrs Brady, wore a black lace high waisted, sleeveless dress with a metal-tipped collar.  She accessorized with a pair of black platform heels, black sunglasses and a black Birkin.

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