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The Last Fist Pump?



Jersey Shore returns to the screens on Thursday night, October 4, for its sixth and final season.  We don’t know about you, but we are really going to miss the Seaside crew!  It’s been a blast in a glass watching Jwoww, Snookie, The Situation, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Deena and Vinny over the years; total end of an era.

Jwoww was out and about in her hometown of New York on Wednesday, October 3, seen leaving the  Sirius Radio Station.  The newly engaged reality star wore a sparkly silver top, dark grey skinny jeans and sparkly heels, all to compliment her massive sparkly engagement ring.

In other Jersey Shore news, Deena has been showing off her weight loss in a Baywatch-style red bathing suit in this week’s In Touch magazine.  “I loved ‘Baywatch’ when I was younger. I always wished I was her.” Deena shares with the magazine.

She shares that her reasons for her weight loss came about after seeing herself on screen, saying “My weight was getting out of control and I knew it was time to do something about it. If you’re a little heavy, online bullies will treat you like crap,  It’s sad. And it really hurts.”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino appears on Ellen Wednesday, October 3 with Pauly D and Ronnie, sharing that he is now 8 months sober.  During the interview, Mike shares that he was initially unsure about signing up for the final season of Jersey Shore, mainly because of the show revolving around the cast going to clubs and drinking. 

He shares with Ellen DeGeneres, “But the other thought that entered my mind was I would feel so bad for you know, my buddies to almost go on without me. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. I want to be with them no matter what they do … But if I can get by in rehab then why not take a shot. I’m stronger for it today and probably the healthiest I’ve been since I was 21.”

He also explains that he might even be able to be an example for anyone else who’s going through the same thing.

Ronnie and Pauly both agree that they’ve seen changes in Mike since his stint in rehab.  Ronnie explains, “When Mike came into the house, he came in as ‘The Situation’.  I never liked ‘The Situation’.  But this time, he came into the house as Mike, he was great to be around, he was fun, active…it was great to have him in the house!”

Pauly adds, “Mike was my best friend when we first met, we hit it off, and throughout the years we started growing a little distant, apart. So I was happy to see that he went to rehab and when he came back, I had my best friend back. I had Mike back.”

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