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The New Look



It’s an honor usually bestowed on her former theHills co-star Lauren Conrad, however this time it’s Audrina Patridge who has been named Best Dressed.

In an online poll by People Magazine readers, more than 12,000 people voted Audrina as their best dressed celebrity of the week, for her outfit to the End of Watch premiere in Los Angeles.

Audrina changed things up from her usual rock & roll style by wearing a sophisticated black halter dress, with two high slits in the skirt. Talk about an Angelina Jolie tribute!  Audrina styled the dress with a long pendant necklace, red nailpolish and black strappy heels.

What do you think of Audrina’s new look?

One response to “The New Look

  1. Jenny September 26, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Audrina looked good at the “End of Watch” premiere. But best of week? No! Not even one of the best looks for Audrina! While attempting to duplicate the Aniston/Jolie leggy look, Audrina fell short, even with her stunning hair, perfect makeup, and toned legs! Jennifer and Angelina had one thing that was missing on Audrina…curves. What happened to Audrina? Just a couple weeks ago for Abyss and PCD Audrina was gorgeous and shapely. At “End of Watch” Audrina was flat and shapeless. Audrina looks far better with curves. http://t.co/ttugRvVl

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