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Never Say Never


While getting her hair done a couple of weeks ago, Audrina Patridge spoke to Celebuzz about the two years since the end of theHills and whether she thought it was time for a reunion!

Audrina says, “Maybe not right now — it’s only been two years.  G ive it another year or two years, because then everyone will be established. I feel like between two years ago and now, everyone is transitioning and figuring it out.”

She shared that she still sees a few of her former co-stars, saying, “I speak with Stephanie [Pratt] every now and then, Kristin [Cavallari], Brody [Jenner] and Justin [Bobby] — I ran into him. That’s it.”

As for former BFF and room-mate Lauren Conrad, Audrina says “I don’t really talk to Lauren or see her at all. I think there was a little of a falling out [between us]. We kind of went our separate ways. The show brought us together and without that show, we all kind of go back to our own thing.”

That sounds pretty normal to us; as Lauren herself said on Good Afternoon America, sometimes you grow out of certain friendships.  We see theHills kind of like College for a lot of people, you’re uber-close at the time because you’re sharing similar experiences.  Once you’re out of that situation and doing your own thing, sometimes you see that some of your College friendships just drift away.  It’s not because anyone in the friendship is nasty or OTT, it’s just natural to grow and change at that time of your life.

Audrina doesn’t seem too upset about hers and Lauren’s ex-friendship; she’s definitely focussed on her future.  Still dating Corey Bohan, Audrina confessed to Celebuzz, “I’m 27 right now so I want to be married before I’m 30.”  Perhaps Audrina and Corey will be the next Young Hollywood wedding bells we hear?

As for her career, Audrina also isn’t ruling out a return to reality tv, saying, “I’m not saying yes; I’m not saying no. I did it for seven years of my life…you’re still learning and going through experiences and I had to do that on camera. At this point, I know what I want and wouldn’t want. It would depend.”

Since her own reality show Audrina ended, she shares that, “I took a little time off and traveled and did my own thing.  I’m back in LA now and getting into that groove of auditioning, which is really competitive, and doing some hosting classing and modeling gigs. And I have two things we’re going to announce at the end of the year for 2013.”

As for what those projects are, all Audrina will share is, “They’re really exciting and it has to do with TV.  It’ll be fun.”

One response to “Never Say Never

  1. typeandtalk September 22, 2012 at 5:49 am

    To be fair they both knew the real deal. Audrina was only drafted in when Heidi was ‘pretty’ enough to be the ‘best friend’ and Audrina so happened to live next door. So naturally it was all forced. Glad theres no animosity between them though. The real friendship was LC and Heidi.

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