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Time For Yum-Yums



Megan Fox seems to be off the paparazzi’s lists these days, as she stays out of the limelight, starting to get ready for her baby being welcomed into the world. But, Megan and hubby Brian Austin Green were spotted getting some yum-yums at Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank on Friday, August 31.

In the photos, Megan does not look too thrilled to see the paparazzi. Recently, she took to her Twitter page “Because my pregnant ass eating in the car is worth following us on the highway for…. #stupidpaparazzi”.

Sorry Megan,everyone just wants to know where you have been!

This expecting mother has already fallen in love with her soon to be newborn baby. In recent Tweets, she posted “Back aches are the worst! So worth it though, As long as my pride and joy is comfy in my tummy. :-)”.

With the amazing genes of Megan’s and Brian’s, this expectant newborn should be on the top 10 hottest people in the world very shortly.

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