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Save The Drama For Your Mama



Basketball Wives starlet, Evelyn Lozada calls it quits with short-term hubby Chad Johnson. After a domestic violence assault was reported to the police, she took a stand by walking out the door on the former Miami Dolphins player.

According to the assault report, Chad had head-butted Evelyn in the head while in a heated argument. She confronted him about a receipt for a box of condoms that she found in his car.  The argument grew and it resulted in Evelyn pressing charges and a divorce. After watching the series Basketball Wives, many fans questioned the truth of her assault report. She has a violent attitude on the series which has caused a huge amount of backlash.  Plus, in a statement to police, Chad claimed that Evelyn head-butted him.

Let’s thank the invention of a prenup! In the lives of celebrities, a prenup often comes in handy . Maybe now the heat will be taken off Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries for their short marriage? Probably not! Even though their 72-day marriage was longer than Chad and Evelyn’s 41 day marriage, in true Kardashian fashion, their scandal is bigger than this assault.

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