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Once You Have Reached The Top…



Olympic medalist, McKayla Maroney visits the hit ABC Family set of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, August 27. Was this just a simple meet and greet or shall we be expecting a guest star on this upcoming season?

Pretty Little Liars star and upcoming Spring Breakers star Ashley Benson took to her twitter page, “Hanging out with the lovely @mckaylamaroney. She’s a doll”

Co-star Lucy Hale also tweeted about the sports star, saying, “The cutest @mckaylamaroney stopped by our set today.”

After leaving the set, McKayla tweeted her thanks to  the actresses, “Had a good time hanging with you @AshBenzo ❤ Can’t wait for Spring Breakers.. You got me pumped! :)” and “So nice to meet you @lucyhale!! See you tomorrow, maybe.. haha! By the way, LOVE your cover of Cosmopolitan!! #gorgeous <3”

From these tweets, we can see they have already established a good friendship. Note to self: You might have to win a metal at the Olympics to meet your favorite celebrities!  No pressure or anything…

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