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He’s Got Tickets



Justin Bieber seems to keep getting in trouble with the law. Yet again, this 18-year-old was pulled over on Ventura Boulevard on Friday, August 31, but this time it wasn’t really his fault.

Police officials stated a Nissan vehicle was driving very closely behind his Fisker Karma. The officer pulled over the Boyfriend singer, expecting the Nissan to pull over as well. Soon to find out the Nissan driving closely behind the pop star was his security team. Can’t leave home without backup!

Although the officer realized it was for security purposes, he still managed to give Justin a ticket for his tints.

While being pulled over, the paparazzi went crazy trying to get their inside shots. They were so careless that while in their vehicles, two paparazzi had collided. It is crazy what some people will do to get an exclusive news preview.

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