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The Big Mix-Up



We gave you the heads up that Whitney Port would be in Australia this week to promote her capsule collection for Australian high street store Sportsgirl, and now we have the photos from the Melbourne appearance.

WE by Whitney Eve is a 10-piece collection that will be exclusively stocked by Sportsgirl; Whitney was in town to launch the collection and meet her Aussie fans.

The collection features a mix of feminine prints and acid brights, has strong lines and looks wearable.  That is, apart from the unusual pants Whitney herself was wearing!  Whitney’s pants had one leg leopard print and the other leg black; in our opinion that’s one print mix-up too many.

We’re big fans of mixing prints, but within the same garment just seems too much.  Plus, let’s face it, only someone with Whitney’s pins is going to be able to pull that look off, so it immediately becomes an inaccessible look.

In other Whitney fashion news, the ex-reality star’s next step will be showing her main line at New York Fashion Week in September. And she’s still raising money through crowd-funding website Indiegogo to fund the show!  Whitney, whose personal wealth is estimated at $3.5 million, is asking for $50,000 by September 10 to fund the runway show.  Money that she says will be used for “the space, the production company, models, a stylist and a DJ.”

Whitney is asking for donations between $1 and $750, and in an accompanying video, says “I’m doing something that’s never been done before: the first-ever fan-supported fashion show at fashion week in New York.”

It’s definitely cool to try something new, but it would strike us as a more genuine need if Whitney hadn’t made so much money already through being on theHills and theCity.

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