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Emily Maynard Shuts Down Cheating Rumors



Just weeks after the former Bachelorette, Emily Maynard said yes to Jef Holm‘s proposal on the show’s season finale, the happy couple visited Africa with Jef’s company.  But now they’re back in the States and instantly back in the tabloids in negative news.

Tabloids are reporting Emily had betrayed her fiancé and strayed from the relationship.  “It’s one hundred percent not true,” she told People regarding the cheating accusations. Sources revealed the two were fighting during vacation in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. “It’s funny to me. We were in a gated community in a private home with just my brothers and sisters. It’s just bogus a ‘source’ would [say] we were fighting. None of that is true.”, Jef said.

Jef has been looking at apartments in Charlotte to be closer to his fiancé and her daughter, Ricki, 7. “I have never been more in love or felt more confident about our relationship,” Emily added, “We’re so excited about the future and to be back in Charlotte and things are actually happening – looking at places to live and going to school. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

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