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Love Took Them To Africa



It’s quite the love match for now former Bachelorette, Emily Maynard and her chosen fiancee, Jef Holm. Only days after the season finale, the engaged couple took the plane overseas to visit Africa and fund projects in Jef’s company, People Water, in several villages in Ghana.

“Emily and I spent a week visiting different villages around Ghana that have recently received fresh water wells,” Jef shared with People Magazine and added, “We typically visited two villages a day and spent some time interacting with the villagers.”  It’s great to see that this couple likes each other even in conditions outside of the glamorous globe trotting on ABC.  They were smart to do some  less fancy things together to see how it would go.

Emily has told Jef before she would want to go on a mission trip, but at the time she didn’t know one was planned at the end of July. As she learned the visit would involve children in Ghana, it was obvious she would be a part of the cause. “She brought the biggest suitcase I’ve ever seen full of dolls, toys, books and bubbles for the kids in every village. Emily was by far the most loved person on the trip,” Jef told the press.

As for the happy couple, this is only the beginning of a new journey, he added, “We’re both looking forward to helping more people around the world and a lifetime of adventures together.” They are even planning to return to Africa in September, only this time, Emily wants to bring her daughter, Ricki, “and make it a whole family thing.”

Take a look at some photos from their trip below!

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